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Three storey Queenslander

This heritage listed house was an original Queenslander which we raised 9 metres and excavated underneath.
A single storey home turned into a three storey home with all the luxury fittings including a lift, temperature controlled cellars and an edge lapping infinity pool - stunning!

A stunning masterpiece and a milestone project for the Main Layne team.

With prime position in Brisbane, we renovated this home to include a two storey extension underneath. We raised the house, and carried out major excavation works to form the new structure, a pool was also dug and built prior to building the new two levels of the home.

The owners of this home were developers and we found that the process of the build was quite easy considering they had a sound knowledge of what to expect, and made the job flow very rapidly to completion.

We knew the owners through doing a lot of renovation works for their daughter, the owners had decided to make Brisbane their home from a move up from down South.

Renovating on a scale as large as this became a passion for Main Layne. As the obstacles that rose throughout the process presented challenges, we created a very high level of job satisfaction at the end.

The challenges of this project included being on top of the hill making access a builders nightmare, no street parking so trades were car pooling to get to site, co-ordinating the manufacture of custom made timber fittings to ensure the heritage character was exact (owners main focus), and protecting existing establish trees!

Despite these challenges the finished result was impeccable and is a project we are all very proud of.


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